Meet the Maker – Say hi to Katie from Punk Baby Clothing

When Katie’s first son was born in 2008, she found herself completely uninspired by the clothing options available for boys – and surprised that there was nothing in black. It just didn’t seem to be a colour that came in kids clothes!

So not long after that, her second ‘baby’ was born – Punk Baby Clothing.

“I started making his clothes myself, out of necessity. And because I have always led a bit of a ‘punk rock’ lifestyle (I married a drummer who I met at a concert), the label Punk Baby ended up being just a natural progression from my own life.”

When it comes to creating children’s clothes, Katie says comfort definitely comes first, but after that it’s all about making something that is quirky, individual and fun. It’s important to her that the clothes reflect the personalities of her crazy kids (and other peoples too!)

And it is a brand that works, because her customers love the Punk Baby range.

“People tell me they like it’s not your average ‘cookie cutter’ kids wear. They love having an individual piece for their children to wear that has a bit of spunk and personality. And because the kids love it too, it doesn’t seem as hard to get them dressed in the morning – which is always a bonus!”

The brand has continued to evolve as her two boys have grown – they are now 9 and 11. And because of them Katie says she is never short of inspiration, especially now that they are older and are more opinionated about what they want! 

While she started out just making baby clothes when they were little, Punk Baby now goes up to size 14 – and it’s those itty bitty clothes that Katie finds the most challenging.

“I actually find it quite hard to regress back from my children’s age now to design for babies because I'm just not in that head space anymore!” 

But it is something she is happy to overcome, as the best part of having her label has been the customers sending in photos of their kids wearing her clothes.

“I love it! It never gets old.”

Katie also loves that she is putting her own spin on the children’s clothing market, enjoying being able to provide a style for kids who don’t want to wear pink tutus, or blue t-shirts with trucks on them.

“I'm not your ordinary girl and I love people that appreciate something out of the ordinary too!”



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