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    In October 2002 the first pair of Funky Trunks were launched unceremoniously at a suburban Melbourne pool by national swimmer Duncan McLean to a chorus of laughter and cheers from the squad. Pink flowery trunks were unheard of in an era where Daddy Speed-O had ingrained the necessity for males to exercise only navy, black or red. It was hardly the springboard for a budding swimwear label but as the jokes died, the Australian male inclined to swim laps began to question the appeal of exercising in tight briefs. It soon became a question that reverberated around the swimming pools of Australia as Funky Trunks was adopted by state, national and Olympic swimmers to put comfort and style back into swimming. 

    Although we messed around for a while, it was clear from the start that swimmers needed a product that not only looked great but would survive months and years without losing its shape. The old days of stretching your lycra sluggos down to the back of your knees were well and truly done. So we constructed C-Infinity, a premium Italian polyester fabric exclusive to Funky Trunks that prevents colours from fading and our swimwear from losing its shape, even after hours in chlorinated water or under the sun.

    Now years down the track, we’ve churned out close to 1,000 prints, so that every time you hit the water, we’ve got you covered.

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