The product that started it all...

It was a search for a lifejacket that started it all.

My daughter was six months old and anytime we tried to put a lifejacket on her, she would scream. Which wasn’t ideal. So I did some research and actually found out something interesting that most people are unaware of – infant life vests that state under 14kg are not actually appropriate for a baby until they are 8kg!

Luckily I found Salus Bijoux, a Canadian brand which started at 4kgs. They were a perfect fit and my daughter? No more tears. Hurrah! We could finally head out on the boat without having to leave anyone behind.

So this is where Frogs & Toadstools began. But five years ago I never would have dreamed that I’d end up running a successful clothing store, with my mum Chris, in the Waikato.

After lifejackets we decided to branch out to children’s accessories – like sunglasses – and then thought why not stock adult clothing and accessories too? But it was important to us that we didn’t stock just any brands, we wanted to focus on affordable clothing for women of all ages, that was ethically made and predominantly New Zealand labels. We are always looking for new suppliers too, so make sure you check back in regularly to see what new stock we have!

We know our customers want to stay current, while having access to clothes that are of good quality, popular designs and are a reasonable price. They know the clothing and accessories we stock will stand the test of time – whether it is running around after the kids, meeting friends for coffee or going out for dinner.  And this is why we have a strong following of really loyal shoppers (we love you!) that follow certain brands and really like what we sell. 

And for those who haven’t bought from us before? We hope that you enjoy browsing our collection of well-known women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. Our collection has a good range of versatile clothing for day or night, with brands you can trust and fall in love with. And we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.

And that, my friends, is our story! Of how we came to be and what we are today.

Chris and I really love our store and are extremely proud of how it has grown and developed. And our greatest highlight? Getting to know our customers and their continued support – especially during what has been a rather strange time with Covid-19.

We thank you and look forward to keeping in touch a bit more regularly through blog updates and newsletters.

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